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‘Please, Will You Show Rashford?’ Young Manchester Fan Nails Corner Kick Over Garden Wall

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‘As a queer, trans and Afro-Indigenous woman, I believed that I could never be a representative of Black liberation’

Ravyn Wngz: On July 18, Black Lives Matter Toronto held an art demonstration that involved painting and stencilling three racist statues in pink. To me, the colour pink represents life—vibrant, bold and free.

Ravyn Wngz is a member of Black Lives Matter Toronto (Jalani Morgan)

Ravyn Wngz is a member of Black Lives Matter Toronto (Jalani Morgan)

On June 19,  Black Lives Matter Toronto (BLM-TO) painted the words “defund the police”, accompanied by the names of those murdered by police in Canada—Andrew Loku, Jermaine Carby, DeAndre Campbell and more, in front of the Toronto Police Service’s headquarters in bright pink letters.

We wanted to make clear that what the communities of Black people and people of colour are asking for is the reallocation of funds into programs like Crisis Intervention and mental health support teams, civilian conflict ...

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Virus rocks MLB: Cards-Brewers off; 2 St. Louis positives


NEW YORK (AP) — The coronavirus forced another change in Major League Baseball’s schedule, bringing the league’s total to eight teams affected in the first nine days of the season.

Friday’s game between St. Louis and Milwaukee was postponed after two Cardinals players tested positive for the coronavirus.

The league announced the schedule change hours before the game was to be played. It said the postponement in Milwaukee is “consistent with protocols to allow enough time for additional testing and contact tracing to be conducted.”

The Cardinals said in a statement that they learned Thursday night about positive tests from samples collected Wednesday...

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مقایسه سراتو سایپا و مزدا 3 جدید

خودروهای ژاپنی و کره‌ای از پر طرفدارترین‌ها در میان محصولات آسیایی بوده که اتفاقا در ایران نیز حرفی برای گفتن دارند. دو نمونه از محصولات این دو کشور که قرار است در این مقاله به تجزیه و تحلیل آنها بپردازیم مزدا 3 و سراتو سایپا بوده که اتفاقا حسابی در ایران برو و بیا داشته و میخ خود را کوبیده‌اند. اگر مایلید بیشتر درباره ان دو محصول چشم بادومی‌ها و سراتو سایپا و محاسن و معایب آن بدانید تا پایان با ما باشید.

معرفی دو خودرو
سال 2003 بود که کمپانی خودرو سازی مزد...

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Leatherback Turtle Tangled in Fishing Gear Rescued Off Spain’s South Coast

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Charlie Baker blasts house parties as ‘recipe for disaster’ for coronavirus, says they ‘need to stop’

Gov. Charlie Baker blasted the house parties and other large gatherings that have produced coronavirus clusters across the state and reiterated his warning that if these “lapses in judgment” continue the state will “have to consider” scaling back gathering limits.

“Recently we’ve seen disturbing reports of large gatherings where people are letting down their guard, not wearing face coverings, not social distancing and giving the virus the opening it relentlessly seeks to spread,” Baker said in a press conference Friday at the State House.

“Our daily data report has been showing a slight increase in COVID cases,” Baker continued, his voice growing sharper...

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National Weather Service Employee Captures Two Waterspouts in Lakewood, Ohio

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The Trudeau WE testimony: What, you wanted a micromanager?

Nobody appreciates the subtlety of a light touch. We are pleased to take the Prime Minister at his word, as captured in Thursday’s virtual meeting of the Commons Finance Committee, and to report the sum of Justin Trudeau’s involvement in the development of the Canada Student Service Grant.

(a) Amid a global public-health crisis there is preliminary brainstorming. What about something like Katimavik, the PM asks. One presumes this is a familiar refrain.

(b) on April 22, more than a month after the coronavirus lockdown began, the PM appears on the front step of Rideau Cottage and announces that nearly $9 billion will soon be disbursed to post-secondary students and recent grads. Roughly one-tenth of that sum will go to a new Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG)...

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Watch Live: Marty Walsh Friday COVID-19 press conference

Sean Philip Cotter | Multimedia Reporter

Sean Philip Cotter is a reporter covering Boston City Hall, the MBTA and a bit of everything else for The Boston Herald. A South Shore native, he previously covered Quincy City Hall for The Patriot Ledger and local politics and crime in Pennsylvania for The York Dispatch, winning awards for his reporting at both papers. Sean’s a graduate of Syracuse University and fan of Patriots football, long drives, overly strong coffee and bad puns.

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Players Take a Knee as NBA Season Resumes in Orlando ‘Bubble’

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