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The main meaning of this story is to get rid of any dependence in the world and to be free from the bondage of luxuries.

This book challenges the daily work of human beings and critiques them. And it teaches others that in order to achieve your goals, and to achieve what you love, you must fight and do not give up. You can go to the Yazdbook site to buy books.

The story of the book Alchemist

The summary of this book is about the biography of a boy named Santiago whose parents aspire to become a priest. For this reason, until adolescence, he is taught in a monastery.

With his free spirit, Santiago wished to see the world as soon as possible. Finding what was in existence and knowing God was his greatest desire.

One night he had a strange dream, in which he sought to find a great treasure in ancient Egypt. After a short time, he goes to an old woman to interpret her dream.

The old woman, who knew the meaning of the dream, encouraged her to go to Egypt and find the treasure. After hearing this, Santiago decides to drop out of the convent and buy a few sheep and travel to Egypt all over the world.

Along the way, Santiago meets a variety of people. He meets a gypsy woman, an alchemist and a man who claims to be king.

After meeting these people, he falls in love with a girl named Fatima in the desert. Santiago’s whole life with his sheep has a very attractive and enjoyable ending for the audience.

Because he achieves his goal by enduring all the difficulties of the path. Santiago helped the country read per capita by buying books online.

Alchemist book love sentences

The romantic sentences of the book Alchemist have attracted many readers and novelists to this book. An example of an alchemist’s love sentence is this:

Love never stops a lover. If the lover gives up his goal, then his love was not a real love.

This very beautiful and emotional sentence indicates that the lover must constantly go to his mistress and not give up on his goal.

If one day a person who loves to buy books gets tired of his work, it means that he has not made constant efforts to achieve a good goal. Other romantic sentences in the book Alchemist include:

Whoever you are or whatever you do when you really want something from the heart, then your desire comes from the spirit of the world and you are commissioned to do it on earth.

This beautiful expression shows that in order to achieve the goals, if you believe in them, the whole universe will help you to achieve it.

The influence of the book Alchemist from the spiritual Masnavi

In reviewing this novel, it can be understood that it is influenced by the story of Rumi’s spiritual Masnavi, in the sixth volume.

But not only does Paolo Coelho not deny this, he says the book is inspired by the story of two dreamers in a thousand and one nights.

During his trip to Iran, this famous writer became more acquainted with Rumi’s thoughts and ideas. In 1370, a person named Kazem Baluchi, with the help of this story, made a play called the story of the man who had a dream.

The Alchemist is compared to St. Exupery’s Little Prince, in which the little prince leaves his planet to discover greater things, and finally realizes that he is the main and valuable treasure on his own planet. The main content of the two books is to reach the main goal and find the treasure.

Summary of Paulo Coelho’s life

Born in 1947, Paolo Coelho is a well-known Brazilian author whose fascinating novels are popular around the world; his mother was a housewife and his father an engineer.

When he told his mother that he wished to become a writer, he was so opposed that he sent him to a psychiatric institution before he reached the age of 20, and each time he ran away because his parents thought he would. Respectfully, he went to law school and left after a while

His famous work Alchemist and the romantic sentences of the book Alchemist, express the charm and fluency of this book. The writing style of this author is in the form of psychology, drama and self-help.