And to think, U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton once ran for president.

Had he beaten the astronomical odds and won, he would have presided over all 50 states — including the red ones.

You know, those experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases. The erstwhile pol demonstrated his bipartisan spirit of cooperation when he remarked this week that “we” Northeasterners think the populations of conservative “red states” are “getting what’s coming to them” now that they’re suffering through a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Speak for yourself. We know what a surge feels like, the toll it takes on those infected, their families, caregivers and communities at large. We don’t wish it on anyone — and we don’t mock those who are in its crosshairs.

Moulton was called out for his callous remarks, and he labeled the criticism “cheap shots.”

No, Congressman. Alleging that red states in the throes of a coronavirus surge are getting “what’s coming to them” is a cheap shot, and unworthy of your office.